Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Good Child Kickstarter

I meant to post this yesterday, but was consumed with CLD (Cowboy Loss Depression). Today I am back to normal, so here it is. Our homie Heather aka The Good Child has some new, super creative ideas for the next installment in The Good Child series.
 So she decided to reach out to everyone, via Kickstarter, to get things going. Click here to watch Heather's video and make a contribution to the project and be handsomely rewarded. Any amount you can pledge would be appreciated. If you cannot contribute, please help out by spreading the WORD via Twitter, Facebook and blogging about it! But, keep in mind that any amount you pledge helps out a great deal. If you are from Dallas there is no excuse for not, at least, tweeting about this. Let's help make The Good Child's new line be as awesome as she envisions it!  


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