Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come And Take It Clothing Series 1

I try to live by that motto. Anyway, did you go to Teezilla? If you did, surely you remember the Sext tee. Come And Take It was stationed in a prime location at Teezilla and I'm pretty sure they took advantage of it. These guys are new on the scene so seeing them at an event was a first.
They just released their first line and it looks very strong. These guys print on American Apparel tees so you know you will be getting quality. They have four designs, all of which are cool in their own way. For a first series I think four is a nice amount. The tees don't really play off each other, but that's ok. There is something for everyone here. I like the American flag tee personally. A good friend of mine bought the Sext tee, and he won't shut up about it:

"Dawg that Sext tee goes hard. It fits nice!"

So like I said, something for everyone.  Y'all check these guys out. They are out of Denton, TX so they qualify as DFW family. Enjoy the pics and follow these guys on Twitter and Facebook...

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  1. awesome! I love Come and Take it Clothing!