Thursday, August 25, 2011

White Folks Get Crunk!

So, I've been following DJ Real Juicy's (<--Follow him on Twitter) blog, White Folks Get Crunk, for some time now and you may be wondering as to why since I'm not white.  Correct.  I'm not.  But I love the blog because its F**KIN' CRUNK!  'Crunk' does not discriminate one bit!

 "White Folks Get Crunk is a site dedicated to the remix/mashup culture that seems to have consumed a portion of our generation.  From Baltimore club tracks to 80's/Rap mashups, this site was built to showcase the talents of DJs and remixers fro across the globe and bring their work to the forefront."

The blog's main focus is music, but it has so much more to offer.  It's really a community.  One of my favorite aspects of 'White Folks Get Crunk' is the tee shop.  The designs are fun, fresh and well, crunk.  If you wear a 'WFGC' tee into a party, people will know you mean business!

My favorite definitely has to be the 'There Some Hoes in This House' tee pictured above.  I assume the tee gets its inspiration from DJ Funk's classic house tune.  This tee is a must have for me.  A very close second would be the 'Ass & Titties' tee.  Another classic jam!

If you are into crunk anything, WFGC is a one stop shop.  Check out the other tee's and grab you one.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite tracks from the site, so enjoy!

Triggaman (DJ Real Juicy Extend) - Lil Wayne & Curren$y by Real Juicy

Oh yeah, it would also be crunk if you 'liked' their Facebook page too.

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