Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Say Hello to Moonstar

During July's Kixpo event in Dallas, we came across a booth that caught my attention with a tank top. Turns out, it was the the Johnny Moon Striped Tank by the good folks over at Moonstar Clothing. I was seriously considering getting me one, but unfortunately they were out.  Lesson learned: get there early! (Bobby Somebody just had to have a beer at Chili's before the event.)  It's all good though, it was hot and the beer was cold. We briefly met the Moonstar crew and exchanged some info. Now, here we are.

I spoke with Keagan, Moonstar's Fashion/Creative Director, to learn a little more about the brand and she was gracious enough to school me.

Moonstar's co-founders Marc West and Johnathan Barnett (better known as JB by his Moonstar fam') way back when in 2006. I emphasize way back when because in new business years, that's an eternity.  Big time CONGRATS on the upcoming 5 year anniversary!

So, what is the inspiration for the brand?
"Life. And all that comes with it. Anything can and will inspire us. It's one of those things where an idea will come to one of us and we'll call each other and say "Hey, what do you think if we were to do this?"... Moonstar gives us the opportunity to bring our ideas to life. We apply what we're most passionate about to Moonstar. It's our canvas."

In a recent interview with Marc West elaborated:
Moonstar is "composed of a diverse group of artistic individuals. The creative team is one of unique talent; each a prodigy in their chosen field.  The 'stars' aligned and brought them together and now, it is they who paint the pictures on the canvas called Moonstar." 

The brand "is the essence of different thoughts, cultures and lifestyles.  Graphics are used to fuse art and music, inspired through Houston's underground and popular culture, and is expressed through a exclusive selection of t-shirts, tanks, crewnecks and accessories that seek to take fashion 'beyond the skies'." 
To me, Moonstar has a creative, cohesive team behind them and because of that, they'll be a force to be reckoned with in the future.  They have new series coming out soon, so be on the lookout for that.  You can find them at most local events, as they usually have a set up. I, personally, look forward to seeing the m at the Teezilla event this fall and this time, I won't be late!

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