Sunday, August 21, 2011

Printing our own WORD tees

After a few set backs, we have finally printed up our Word of Mouth tees! Earlier today Rene and I meet up with Sleep Dan at his house and got a lesson in screen printing.
Dan has a sweet set up at his house and was kind enough to offer his help. I decided, a while back, to do yellow on black to match the look of the blog. The tees came out great. After mixing the color a bit, we went with a light pale yellow. I didn't want to do a bright basic yellow, instead I wanted a light, almost distressed, vintage look to the print.

So after a few trial and error tees, we finally got the hang of the process and started printing away. Dan did the bulk of the tees. He did a great job of explaining everything he was doing and why. After working up the nerve, I had my turn at printing up some tees. They came out fine. Rene had a turn and did a better job then I did! Below are pics of our experience and also the first pics of the actual design of the Word of Mouth logo. Big thanks to Dan and Carly for opening up their house and helping us out! You guys will always have support from this blog. Enjoy the pics:

This design was done by me, about a month ago; it will be the logo for The idea came from not wanting to call the site "Word of Mouth Shirts" every time but rather something shorter. First it was "Word of Mouth" now its just "Word". Word also being some old school slang, gave the idea a little more depth. Then, being that we are a blog based out of Dallas TX, I decided to use the city of Dallas logo as the D. Added a little spin on the city logo and there you have it.  If you are from Dallas you immediately recognize the D and you didn't really need that explanation. But if you aren't from Dallas I hope the logo is designed well enough to catch a few eyes.


The setup

Sleepy Dan

Getting ready to do my first tee

Rene doing work

First tee

Drying rack

Trial and error


  1. Not being from Dallas, I did not know what the Dallas "D" looked like, but I will give you confirmation 'Word' definitely pops! Great article, great job on the shirts, looks good and a big shout out to Sleepy Dan for supporting friends of the industry!

  2. Nice work !!! Looking forward to get my hands on one of them tees, wear it n spread the word !!!! That's waz up bobby c and rene !!! Word !!


  3. That's whats up!!! T-shirt looks great, awesome set-up, can't wait to get my hands on one!
    Congrats to WORD!!