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Have you heard of..... PXL CLOTHING?

Today's HAVE YOU HEARD OF interview features a UK artist by the name of Dacre. Dacre is a superstar in his hood and has worked with many big artists and celebrities. I'll let him tell you about that though. He is a busy man, running his line and RWD Magazine. We talked a little about that and we also did a quick round of "this or that." To get the full effect of the talk please read all my questions with a Texan accent and all his answers with a London accent.... Hit the Jump for the interview.

Tell me a little about yourself and your brand...

My name is Dacre, work in Shoreditch, London - I'm one of the founders of RWD Magazine- the UK's largest youth culture title... we're just about to celebrate our 10th Birthday...

But today we're talking about my baby PXL (

PXL is a streetwear brand dedicated to geeks, freaks, Facebook fiends, bloggers, Twitteratti, YouTubers, RedTubers, Bebo-ers, B-Boys, Linked-In-ers, tech heads, downloaders, graphic designers, nerds, neaks and anyone who appreciates streetwear with an innovative and witty perspective...
Inspired by the distorting effects that the digital world has on imagery. Pixels are the dots that computers break images down into. Low resolution, images corruption and distortion are all undesired effects but have become a style and an artform all of their own. Graphic, fashion and textile designers and music video directors have started to take these unintended effects and celebrate them... This is from where the concept of PXL was born...

How long did you work on your brand before you launched it?

About a year, I thought as i'd been a designer for so long, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch... but there's so much to learn - all our pieces our cut and sew, so that and coming up with a consistent message and branding etc was a massive, massive challenge

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a date?

A while back, I think a girl pretended to be ill half way through the meal, so i'd drop her home... great ass but conversation was dull - so probs for the best! lol

I saw, on your site, that you have worked for a lot of big names. Who was you favorite client and why?

I've been so lucky in my career to meet many of the greats - jay-z was cool as F, Young Jeezy - the same, in the uk - i love working with Ed Sheeran (he's going to be massive)... Tinie Tempah and his manager are both super nice people...

What inspires you?

Creativity across the board, going to trade shows like Bread & Butter, Magic etc, other brands, magazines, artists, architects, music - all forms of creativity - when i see something amazing it makes me competitive... I feel that anyone who works in a creative industry should be aiming to be the best in their field - otherwise - what's the point... but that is my biggest problem in life - never being satisfied...

How would you describe your average customer?

I wrote a long answer to this but i deleted it as it sounded like BS - so lets just say connoisseurs... lol

What seperates your brand from the other UK streetwear brands?

I rate so many brands out there but we aim to deliver quality all the way from the service, concept, print, fabrics, cut, hang tag... etc

What song has the most plays on your ipod?

I go through phases of repeating a song till i burn it out - right now i love a few tracks from Frank Ocean's mixtape and Rick Ross - Pandemonium...
plus ive gone back in the vaults recently for Mr Hudson feat Caspa - Love Never Dies

How often do you release tees?

Every 2 months

Have you sponsored any bboys or mc's? if so who? if not, do you plan on doing anything like that in the future?

We've worked with loads of the biggest names in the uk scene, including Tinie Tempah, Tinchie Stryder, N-Dubz, Example, Ed Sheeran, DJ Semtext, Donaeo, Devlin... and hope to keep this going...

What are you most proud of?
That after 13+ years in the street culture scene - im still at the forfront of the art and adding to it...

What can we expect from you this summer?

A few more releases, pop up stores and plotting a bigger collection for Autumn...

Who is the greatest MC dead or alive?

Jay or BIG... or Wayne... ??? hmmm - Jay is the icon...

What are some of your favorite indie tee lines right now?

From the states : Acapulco Gold, from the UK : king are the leaders (in overall concept)

If you had only one CD to take on an all day road trip, what album would it be? (no mixtape allowed!)

That's too difficult... one cd? sorry, can't answer that...

What one thing do you think Americans may not realize about the UK scene that you would like us to know?

That, like music, you guys pioneered the scene, but you're now looking over here for inspiration... dnb, dubstep, garage and mc culture etc...
we are coming with our own style and flavour - watch out!

Time for a quick round of "this or that"... you up for it?

Lets go!

Rap or Rock?


New or vintage?


Blondes or brunettes?

I've always been into brunettes but recently went out with a blonde and they have WAAAY more fun!

Kanye or Cudi?

Kanye all day! Cudi is for self harmers...

Mavs or Heat?

Basket ball isn't that big in the UK, but lets say Heat... I love Miami

Biggie or Pac?


Crew tee or V-neck?

Crew, i havent got the chest for V, plus that V style is too metro for me!

PS3 or Xbox 360?

I'm not a gamer, can work with the Wii when i'm with the nephews and nieces...

Jordans or Vans?

hmmm both are over hyped - i love me a pair of adidas Nizza's but if i had to choose - Vans... their chukka boots are niiiice

Ricky Gervais or Steve Carell?

Ricky, but Frankie Boyle is the maaaan

Any shout outs?

Ol, Tel and Shaun at Threadsaddiction, Mash, King Apparel, Benjart and Playdot... all my friends and fam who believe... the RWD Magazine team and thanks to you Bobby!

Twitter: @PXLtweets

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