Thursday, June 16, 2011

Couple of Thoughts..

A quick post about a couple of things I’ve discovered this past month or so while blogging:

Twitter is powerful. Though it’s not easy getting followers and keeping the ones you do get, it can be a very powerful tool if you use it correctly. I was definitely late to the scene with Twitter and I am still learning.  It’s been fun networking and discovering these new brands. Not everyone is who they seem at first, but that’s life.  I’ve found that it’s just as important to promote others as it is to promote yourself. That’s easy for me to do, being that, spreading the word is what this blog is about. But I see some brands that could apply this and see results. It’s hard to build relationships when all you talk about is yourself. (light bulb!)

We are all on the same level. What I love most about the indie scene is that everyone can be seen. We all have the internet, we all can see each other. It’s a “work pays” industry. The hardest workers will last and the hobbyists will come and go. That being said, the hobbyists are welcomed. I have only been blogging for a short amount of time, but I have been received very well. I don’t know how long I will do this; I don’t know if I am a hobbyist or a full blown blogger. But I know I like it. I like the networking, the interviews, the work it takes to maintain the blog.

I know they say misery loves company, but so does happiness. Not EVERYONE is so welcoming, it’s not a hippie love fest, but for the most part if you aren’t an ass, people and brands are more than happy to talk to you and answer questions you have.

Just thought I’d put up a quick post. As for what I have in the works: I have been talking to a few brands about some upcoming things. I have an interview tonight with a cool brand I talked to today. Hopefully I will have that up by tomorrow. I will be releasing a tee VERY SOON to promote the page. I know its taking forever but I am making progress. I am currently getting prices from print shops. Right now Trust Print Shop in Arlington is in the lead. I will be getting stickers made up as well, probably through Thread Birds, show Adam some love. I want to have the shirts before Kixpo. I can’t wait for that.  As always hit me up if you want to be featured on this blog..

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