Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid Week Check In

Things have been moving right along lately. Blogging has been fun and seeing my traffic increase everyday has been very encouraging. No one is commenting really but its all good, I will find a way to get my traffing a little more involved. I've made a few goals this week to prepare for the launch of my tee shirt line. Goal one was buying a new tablet to help get my designs looking official. Thats done. I went with the Wacom Intuos4. Its been fun learning so far, I still have some designing to do but that will come. I will be posting my logo and theme for the shirts very soon. The brand will be either called "Word of Mouth" or simply "Word" I may put a poll on this blog and have everyone vote. I have also been brainstorming a few contests to give away some tees to people who help spread the WORD... see what I did there?

I've begun reaching out to some of the Dallas local tee shirt artists, I'm hoping to make a few contacts and do some more reviews, to give and recieve some exposure. Like the blog I posted about Lies and Filth series 2. I saw a tweet they posted saying they sold 125 shirts the first day! Thats awesome, those shirts are insane! I have been happily surprised at how welcoming and friendly everyone in this industry has been. Seems as if everyone is so supportive of one another; I love that. There is an event this weekend at Centre, here in Dallas, called "The Locals" The event looks to be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it. I will snap some pictures and post them on here Saturday night. So be on the look out for that.

Other than that, its side hustle time for me. I am doing a side project designing and installing the retail windows for a showroom at the Dallas World Trade Center on the 8th floor. I will post pics of that project when all is said and done. Word.


  1. Don't worry about not getting a lot of comments on your blog, t-shirt blogs rarely get a lot of feedback, especially in the early days, just keep plugging away and it will happen eventually.

  2. Yeah I've noticed that as well. Not a lot of people commenting on posts. Thanks for the reassurance man and thanks for stopping by.