Thursday, November 18, 2010

“Oh you should make a shirt that has…”

Seems like growing up everyone and their dog had an idea for a shirt. As I continue to search for Word of Mouth’s direction, I am curious to hear your shirt ideas. I have received all sorts of requests from Cliff lee to Jason Garrett shirts—some great and some not so much. But I love hearing ideas and feedback. Right now professional Texas sports seem to be the reoccurring theme, however nothing is off limits. Often times my ideas stem from others ideas, or my misinterpretation of their ideas.  

So post your ideas, requests, or feedback so I can misinterpret them and print up exactly what I thought you said. I will also be posting a first draft of the Word of Mouth Shirts logo very soon for your viewing pleasure. I have changed the comment settings to “everyone” for this site, I don’t know why I had a filter on it before. So leave a comment!


  1. Just a thought? Heard the other day the usa and russia got an argument going on? Russia said right now is not the time for america to get on their bad side. With us being on alot of countries bad side. You could do something to show the globe, and have all the countries show they don't like us. And put like a happy face on usa. Then read somewhere, something like, " Good time to be american?" Something along that line. Just a stupid random thought.